InStep Studio


License Information

General Information

The InStep Studio application comes with different options for licensing. All licenses are accessed by the application through a user account which means that, during use, the InStep application will during first start up and then periodically afterwards need to make contact with our server in order to validate the status. The amount of information transferred in this way is minimal and should work in any environment in which the application can access a web page (the validation simply requests a web page which then provides information about the license status).

Important: Any license (including the Free tier) is assigned to a single user. You may not share your account access with anyone, doing so is grounds for permanent removal without the right to a refund. Exempt from this is the Company Administrator License (see below).

The first time you log into your user account, you will be taken to the License Selection page. If not automatically, you can access this page through License > View License > Edit License
On that page, you will be given a few options which are explained below:

Free (with Advertising)

By default, unless you have purchased a license, the Free option (together with the Company Supplied) is the only available selection. You can pick other options, but they will not be made active unless you complete the payment process.
As the name implies, the Free version is a fully capable version of the application with a few limitations:

  • You may not use it for commercial purposes (only for evaluation, personal or educational purposes)
  • After the applications starts and periodically after that, you will be presented with an advertising page during which any progress is being paused
  • The application will strictly enforce that the latest version is being used

This licensing option is made available to allow anyone to test the capability prior to committing to a purchase and, for students and those that only have occasional use, allow a way to access the capabilities without paying for the privilege of doing so.
We reserve the right to refuse a refund to anyone that foregoes the evaluation of the application only to then later request a refund on the grounds that the InStep application 'does not work' or 'does not do what I expected'.

1-Year License (Annual)

The Annual license provides access to the application for the period of 1 Year from the date of purchase. During this time, you have full access to updates. Renewing an Annual license is made available within 30 days of the license expiring and extends the contract period for 1 year beyond the previous expiration date.

Perpetual (with 1-Year Maintenance)

The Perpetual license gives you access to the application indefinitely (limited only by the survival of Solveering LLC). With this license, a separate maintenance fee is applied that is included with the purchase to cover 1 year. As long as the maintenance is maintained, you can download and use the latest versions, once the maintenance lapses, whichever version was published at the time of the expiration will be the highest you can use. If maintenance lapses, you can renew it at any time, extending the expiration date by an additional year, which may or may not make it current.

Company Supplied

In a corporate setting, individual users may not be able to purchase licenses directly (though that would be preferred) and instead refer to an I.T. department for purchase and allocation of licenses. If this scenario is applicable, you can set up an account and then simply select the 'Company Supplied' option which makes your account available for administration by a Company Administrator (see below). It is important to note that your account needs to be in this mode prior to having the Administrator assign a license to you. No other process is required of the end user in this scenario.

Company Administrator

The Company Administrator License is a specialized license option which is intended for companies / corporations. With this option, a single account is in charge of assigning (and removing) licenses from a pool to individual users. Two options are available: Site License and Bulk License.
The Site License is a fixed cost and gives you access to 999 licenses which can be assigned to users. There are strictly enforced restrictions on this option:

  • The email domain must match for the administrator and user
  • The email domain cannot be a 'free' account (e.g. hotmail, gmail, etc.)
  • You cannot switch from a Bulk License to a Site License (and vice versa)

The Bulk License option is similar to the Site License, but allows you to purchase any number of licenses and allocate them as you see fit (no domain limits). A variable discount is applied for bulk purchases exceeding 2 licenses (shown prior to checkout).

For any Company Administered option, you are allowed to share Admin Login information within the company, however, you are responsible for any actions resulting from this. You may not publish login information in a public space. We further ask that you add and remove users within your license pool infrequently (i.e. do not purchase one license and re-assign it every few minutes), otherwise we may choose to implement more restrictive policies.

Some final thoughts

  • It is possible that there are disruptions to your license as we improve our capabilities. We ask that, should this happen, you give it a minute and then try again. If the issue persists, please create a ticket, or if unable to do so, email us at
  • If there are questions, please ask.
  • We respond to inquiries and help desk tickets. If you have not heard back, please check your spam folder.
  • Please do not try to 'bend' the rules. This will only force us to make more restrictive rules.