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Welcome to the Solveering Site. Whether you are looking for Solutions to Engineering related problems or simply for solutions that are best achieved through the use of an Engineering approach, you have come to the right place...
At Solveering, our main focus is on providing services in the Development, Simulation and Implementation stages of your ideas and products.

Design >

Design Services involve the use of Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CAD) software to generate computer models that represent the mechanical or electrical layout of products. Under these tasks, descriptions, hand sketches, photos or rudimentary CAD models are created or converted and refined. Outputs are often files that can be viewed in free software, 2D drawings (aka 'blue-prints') that can be used for manufacturing or any similar items.

Simulation >

Simulation (also referred to as 'Analysis') involves engineering knowledge to estimate how a part or design will behave. This can be used to answer questions such as 'is it strong enough?' or 'how hot does it get?'. There are a number of different ways that simulations can be used to answer a wide range of such questions and we cover the fields of (rigid-body) motion, Linear Structural analysis and conjugate fluid flow and heat transfer, just to name a few. These can be 1D (time based, lumped analysis) through transient, 3D simulations.

Prototyping >

What good is it if you can't touch and feel the part? CAD models and simulations are great for getting the 'Engineering' part figured out, but often it is the human touch that will provide confidence in a design. Where this makes sense, we can provide in-house prototyping using a variety of techniques (laser cutting, FDM and SLA 3D Printing, TH and SMD electronics assembly, Urethane resin casting, turning and CNC Milling, to name a few). For the cases where our available machines are either insufficient (due to size, tolerances or material requirements), we have a network of service providers that further specialize in a variety of capabilities and can take our detailed models and instructions to fabricate a wide variety of components.

Other Projects

The above, rough classifications are a good way to get an idea of what parts may go into a project. The hard truth, however is that things usually are not that clear cut. It may be the case that you first need to go through a phase of collecting samples. Or information so that you can better define the design aspects. Or you may need some Custom Software to work through some large set of data or similar. Or a tool to collect the data in the first place. Whatever the case may be, we fully understand that things need to be 'flexible'. We get it, we've been there too... in fact, that is where our InStep application comes from: a desire to be able to integrate mesh-to-cad conversions into the design workflow. At the time that did no exist and a first form of the software application was simply developed to help a client that had STL files and needed a way to import them into their CAD software system.
In any case, the best thing you can do is drop us a line and let us know what you have and what / where / how we can help you and we can then discuss the details and come up with a strategy... and no, we are not going to send you an invoice for an initial discussion on what / how we can help.

Got a Project?

The easiest way to find out if we can help you and your project is to contact us. Provide us with information about what you have, what you want to do and, if possible, a budget and we will review it and let you know whether we can be of assistance. If we cannot, we'll let you know and not string you along; that is our promise.