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Solveering™ LLC: General Files Download

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This is a unilateral (protects the client), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that we are offering to our clients to protect themselves during discussions. We are of course open to review your own version of such a document too, but if you do not have one and don't want to pay an attorney or online site to generate one, you may use this one free of charge for your interaction with Solveering LLC. Please do not use this document for any other purpose without our written consent.

Project Questionnaire

For the purpose of discussing a project, we will require some information to get started. In general, the easiest approach is for prospective clients to fill out a Questionnaire which will go over the main points that we will need in order to get a first impression of the project. Though it is likely that there are follow-on questions that are more specific, this is a good first step towards defining the project scope and gives you an idea of the kinds of things to consider, perhaps even before contacting us. We ask that these documents are not used for any purpose other that interacting with Solveering LLC without our written consent.

Help File for 3D PDF

If the work you commission or receive contains PDF data that can be used in a 3D manner (i.e. rotate/translate/zoom the CAD model), it can be helpful to review a few basic hints at how to interact with those files. For this purpose we put together a brief introduction to the use of 3D PDF files that you can download here.