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Solveering: Software Services

As part of our everyday activities, we (also) develop custom software, web projects, libraries and similar. This page is a general landing page for our offerings.

STL/OBJ Viewer

STL Viewer

This is the second generation STL viewer that we have developed. As with its predecessor, it is primarily intended as a tool to allow users to view STL files in a simple 3D environment. Beyond that it is also an internal development tool that allows us to test and troubleshoot parts related to graphics displays and file formats.
The Viewer is a no-frills type viewer which supports both Ascii (text) and Binary STL file formats. It also supports OBJ files though only the geometry part and some basic color information.
Additionally, the viewer also supports our own IBF (InStep Binary Format) files which represent a new approach to geometry data that none of the currently existing formats addresses. The result is that more information is stored in the file while providing a smaller file size (less than 50% of the size of comparable OBJ files and less than 30% of comparable binary STL files).
The Viewer also acts as a converter in that it can read in any of the above file formats and write to any of them (within the limits of the file formats).
Best of all: it's completely free (no sign-ups, ads or anything else)...

Some additional features:

  • Ability to show/hide faces, edges and vertices
  • Save screenshot of display data
  • Option to show feature edges (based on angles) or all edges
  • Option to change color of faces/edges/vertices
  • Smooth Facet Display or Flat display
  • Perspective or Orthogonal Display mode
  • Basic file info (number of facets)
  • Ability to save as STL (Ascii or Binary) or OBJ or our own compact IBF format

Download Viewer (V3.0.1) (Windows XP/7/8/10)

STL Viewer Source/Libraries

We are making the libraries that are used together with a sample source code of the above viewer available for purchase. The libraries are sold to developers to make the implementation of a 3D viewer in their own application easier. The I/O library for reading and writing STL/OBJ/IBF files is similarly available.
If you are interested, please take a look at the source code listings (as PDF Files):

If you are interested, please request access to the above sources through our Contact Page

Custom Software

Our Software design capabilities are not a focus as a standalone offering. There are numerous service bureaus that are likely better suited to providing custom software to meet your needs.
However, if your application falls into one of these categories, please consider us:

  • Engineering Calculators (Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Component sizing, etc.)
  • Integrated or Device based (USB-HID, Serial communication, data logging, machine controller, etc.)
  • Web based data generation & storage (long term/remote data logging/control, basic websites-like this one)
  • Niche capabilities related to CAD/CAM/CAE (STL/OBJ, STEP, G-Code, etc.)