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Solveering: Simulation Services

The tasks we spend most of our time and effort on are fluid-thermal (coupled CFD) simulations. Over the years we have acquired a number of cutting edge tools in this field. Solveering™ LLC also performs structural (and motion based) FEA simulations of simple parts using SimWise 4D FEA.

Prior Work Examples

Cabin Simulation Cabin Simulation

Solveering LLC won a competitive project to optimize the cabin airflow within the Pilatus PC-24 aircraft. This project involved modelling of the complete cabin structure and determining the optimum placement of heating and cooling outlets for passenger comfort. The study also predicted the timing of cockpit and cabin warm-up and cool-down modes, steady-state comfort during cruise as well as the optimization of smoke-clearing procedures. Sub projects were also the optimization of cooling and heating of the avionics in a cabin rack and in a nose compartment

Areas of Simulation

  • Fluid Simulation
  • Thermal Simulation (with or without explicit fluid flow)
  • Structural / Motion (Rigid Body) Simulation
  • Start-to-Finish handling of CAD to CAE conversion (model simplifications, meshing & setup of highly complex geometries)
  • 1D/System modeling
  • Electrical Circuits (digital/analog)
  • Custom algorithms (Excel/VBA or .NET based)

Ansys CFX

We use Ansys CFX for most types of common fluid flow. Our capbilities are:

  • Laminar and Turbulent Fluid Flow (k-Epsilon, k-Omega, SST and similar turbulence models) for subsonic, transsonic and hypersonic flow.
  • Fluid-Solid heat transfer including Discrete Transfer Radiation modeling.
  • Deformable Mesh.
  • Steady State and Transient simulations.
  • Very Large Simulations (in excess of 1E8 Cells have been simulated on a 32-core Opteron Magny-Cours Cluster with 128GB dedicated RAM).
  • Ansys DesignModeler for configuration of CAD geometry use in CFD.
Full detail surface mesh of nacelle volume Nose Compartment conjugate fluid/temperature Full detail engine cowling cfd

Star CCM+ (formerly CD-Adapco)

A full license of CCM+ can be used to mesh highly complex bodies, and run a diverse set of physics. The Star CCM+ package is capable of the following physics simulation;

  • Steady-state, Unsteady Implicit/Explicit, Harmonic Balance
  • Stationary, Moving Reference Frame, Rigid Body Motion, Mesh Morphing, Multiple Superimposed Motions
  • Single, Multiphase and Multi-Component Fluids, Non-Newtonian Fluids, Incompressible, Ideal gas, Real Gas & User Defined Compressibility
  • Free surface (VOF) with Boiling or Cavitation, Lagrangian, Eulerian and Discrete Element Modeling (DEM), Wave profile generation for Flat, First and Fifth Order Stokes, Irregular, Superimposed Waves
  • Segregated or Coupled Flow and Energy
  • Inviscid, Laminar, Turbulent (RANS, LES, DES), Gamma-Re Theta and User Defined Transition Modeling
  • Porous Media (volumetric and baffle), Fan and Heat Exchanger models, Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Conduction, Convection, Solar, Thermal, Multi-Band and Specular Radiation (Discrete ordinates or surface-to-surface)
  • Combustion and Chemical Reaction (PPDF, CFM, PCFM, EBU), Coal Combustion, Soot & Nox prediction and DARS CFD complex Chemistry Coupling
  • Fluid Induced Motion in 6 Degrees of Freedom including Propulsion and Maneuvering, multi-Body Interactions Including Body-Body Linear and Catenary Couplings
  • Aeroacoustic Analysis: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Spectral Analysis, Inverse FFT, Broadband noise sources, Ffowcs-Williams Hawkings (FWH) model, Signal Processing
  • Finite Volume Stress Modeling: Linear thermo-elastic, small and large deformation modeling, linear and non-linear contacts, fully coupled fluid-structure interaction
  • Electrical Field Simulation: Electro-thermal Lithium-Ion Battery Simulation, Electrodynamics and Electrostatics: Joule (Ohmic) Heating and Electrostatic Coating

1D (Object Oriented Modeling) Analysis

1D Simulations

In addition to 3D Simulations, we can offer 1D (time usually being the dimension) simulations that use a lumped system approach to perform what is known as an Object Oriented Modeling of a system/domain. The benefit is that the simulations can run very quickly and provide a first order 'what-if' type investigation prior to running more detailed CFD (or structural, electrical, etc.) simulation of a system. The interaction can even be to the point where CFD data uses or is used by the 1D simulation to generate a larger picture. Our preference is to use OpenModelica for the simulation of such systems (as the application is free and highly expandable) but can also offer SimScape/Simulink models.

For people new to Object Oriented Modelling (1-D analysis) and specifically the OpenModelica package, we have put together a (now slightly outdated) Quick-Start Tutorial, (basically a small crash course). We can also recommend a more in-depth book on the subject: Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica 3.3: A Cyber-Physical Approach

Structural Simulations

In addition to the core simulation packages above, structural FEA simulations of simple parts can be performed using SimWise 4D (for Alibre) or Elmer. These kinds of simulations are usually better suited to simple cases to answer questions about strength and deflection of parts in or during use.

Structural Analysis Structural Analysis

Other Simulations

Not all simulation types/uses fall cleanly into one of these groups. We frequently add other options & capabilities. If you think there is an existing way of performing a simulation or can think of a way to do something, let use know and we can discuss what options there are for collaboration.