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InStep Studio: May 06, 2021

New InStep Software to transform working with Mesh Data In CAD

InStep Studio imports Point-Cloud, Polygon and FEA files and provides Feature Detection, Planar Sketches and Mesh to NURBS conversions - then exports to STEP.

When facing the requirement to revise clients’ STL or OBJ files that were used for Additive Manufacturing of a prototype, Solveering LLC developed a powerful software tool to edit, repair and solidify the polygon data, to then create intersection curves, full data feature detection models or NURBS based organic shapes for use in CAD applications.

Allowing for import of STL, OBJ, PLY, OFF and 3DS polygon formats, XYZ Point Clouds as well as Nastran/Patran and Ensight CAE Mesh files provides for a broad range of sources. Exporting to the STEP format ensures almost universal compatibility with all major CAD applications.

Fully developed in-house, the InStep Studio application is mainly aimed at individuals and small businesses that cannot justify the high price tag of some CAD applications with similar capabilities. At an annual cost of just $99 (or a perpetual cost of $199 with $50 annual maintenance), the software is within reach of anyone that uses entry or mid-level CAD tools.

The main online portal for the application is at /instep/instep.aspx and aside from the account page provides tutorials and help pages to quickly get started.