InStep - Command Prompt Mode

In addition to the normal usage, the application can also be run in a command prompt mode whereby the parameters and functions available are accessed through a call to the application executable. The details of the Command Prompt usage is provided in the Specification. Command Line usage is available to Design, Design CL and FE level licenses only. The Design CL license is intended for users that do not require the graphical side and thus allows only the command prompt mode with the graphical elements being inaccessible. Since the Design CL license is intended for distribution of the application through 3rd parties, upgrading from this license to the full Design or FE licenses is not an option.

In general (see the specification for details), the command line function is called through >C:\any_folder\instep "c:\some_folder\input_file.stl" "c:\some_folder\output_file.stp" < and various options can be enabled with this. If the application is to be used as a binary to ascii or ascii to binary STL converter (or similar) then the input and output files need to be explicitly defined and the output format defined in the CFG file, thus:
>C:\folder\instep -i"c:\folder\input_file.stl" -o"c:\folder\output_file.stl" <

For command line usage, the license file may be placed in the application directory as a Lic.dat file as outlined in the Specification.