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InStep V2.3 Tutorials

InStep is a software application that converts from various file formats including STL into STEP format. The software has been redesigned and has grown into a fully flegded tool that includes numerous useful error correction, graphics and user interaction features.

Tutorial 1 - InStep Basic Usage

Covers starting the application, loading a sample file, exporting & viewing the results

Tutorial 2 - InStep Basic Configurations

Goes over how units can be changed within the application and other basic parameters

Tutorial 3 - Fix Open Sections / Holes

This tutorial covers importing and fixing the Blender Monkey mesh (Suzanne) using both the tools within InStep (w/ Design License) or Blender itself

Tutorial 4 - Converting FE Mesh to CAD

This tutorial covers the basic use of the FE Level to import an EnSight Gold (Binary) Mesh file, extract the surfaces and load the STP file into Siemens NX 7.5

Tutorial 5 - New Features In V2.1

Some of the improvements in V2.1 are presented: Inflating shell surfaces, working with Multi-Body files and the use of Edge View-modes are briefly covered

utorial 6 - Basic Surface Repair In V2.3.1

Basic use of the new Surface Repair environment for making modifications and corrections to mesh data that has been loaded into InStep