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Simple Tab Page

The Simple interface is one of the options for how the tools of the application are to be displayed and interacted with. This option is accessed by going to the Menu: Settings → Interface → Simple (or through its shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S).

The purpose of the Simple interface is to allow users that may get confused or overwhelmed by some of the specifics to use a more streamlined approach that is, for a large number of files, usually sufficient.
Each of the options, and some of the functions behind them, are explained briefly below and more information can be obtained from their individual pages, with their links shown in the respective introduction:

Simple Interface: File Open Import

Import Main page

The Import button is the starting point for the File Conversion. Clicking it brings up the File open dialog box where all the usual file selection filters are available.

Simple Interface: Data Fix Modify/Fix

Modify/Fix Main page

In some cases, the file contains some underlying issues that require attention in order to make the conversion either possible or of sufficient quality to result in a useful output.
The Modify/Fix button applies a predefined set of procedures to repair or correct small issues and to make the format of the data more likely to conform to the requirements. The changes are kept to a lower level than possible through the main (Expert) interface but should suffice to resolve a number of items provided that the data isn't in a corrupted state.
This step should be considered optional and it may be beneficial to first attempt to perform the conversion without applying this step.

Simple Interface: Feature Conversion Features

Features Main page

All data imported from STL and OBJ files (and other Polygon formats) defines a number of Triangles, not 'Features' such as cylinders, cones, etc.
The Features-Conversion option allows some of these geometric entities to be re-created if the data is sufficiently accurately represented by such items. This option may in some cases not result in any (additional) conversions at all while in other cases, if the data accurately defines geometries, then a large number of such geometries can be re-created.
This step should be considered optional. If there are few faces, completing the conversion without first converting to Feature based definition will generally work fine and result in the output being defined purely by triangular faces.

Simple Interface: Sve to output Save As

Save-As Main page

The Save-As button opens the Save Dialog Box where the usual options are presented. It is important to note that it is possible to save the data in another Polygon format (any format that is not the STEP format) but this will not take advantage of any Feature conversions. Only the original data and any Modifications/Fixes will be included in the Polygon files (STL files can only define Triangles).
If the output format is selected as the STEP/STP format, then the Features detected (if any) will be written as appropriate.

Interaction with the other interfaces

It is quite possible to mix the Simple interface with the Expert interface if some of the steps are better done using a different approach. The main thing to keep in mind is that tools are applied as-requested. Therefore, it does not make much sense to try and generate feature data only to then run modifications/corrections on that data.