InStep Studio


Available Status information and feedback from the application

Time to read: ~2 min

InStep provides a few different status-update items that may be useful in different ways. The main purpose from a user perspective is to be able to see whether the application is currently processing data or whether the processes completed successfully and new user input is expected. The Status options and fields are shown below:

Locations of status items

Status feedback items

1: Messages

The application will generate basic information messages relating to things such as the number of facets loaded or modified/removed during an operation. Similarly, for some of the MeshLab performed processes, the message field will provide the messages that would otherwise be shown in the command prompt window.
By default, Messages are turned off but can be made visible by checking the respective option box available under item (5).

2: Short Status

The short status field will generally just show 'Preparing...' or 'Ready' (and a handful of other items of similar detail). The purpose is not to get detailed information about the application, that comes from the Messages, but rather to indicate whether the application is still working on something or is done and back to waiting on the user for next steps.

3: Units

Thought technically not a status, the unit indicator shows the currently set Work Units. Clicking it brings up the Resize tool, the same as accessible through the Import → Resize button. If data looks to be too small or large, make sure you check that the units are set correctly for both the import as well as work units.

4: Progress Bar

The progress bar will show - if possible - an approximate percentage completion. This can provide some information on whether a task is taking very long and similar but in some cases the state or percentage completed can simply not be inferred in advance or during the operation. In those cases, the progress bar may not show any value or simply a value that corresponds to rough steps being completed.

5: Status Visibility

The small button in the right-bottom corner brings up the option to show/hide the above status items (except for Units) plus the option to show/hide Tool Tips (shown by default).