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Remove DuplicatesDuplicates Removal

Time to read: ~1 min

The duplicates removal tool is a relatively simple tool that is focused on removing surfaces that appear multiple times. The tool does not care for the orientation of the facet and therefore surfaces where two triangles share the vertices but are otherwise oriented in different directions are considered for removal.

If two bodies are present where the sides perfectly overlap (all triangles overlap in their locations), then this tool will remove one of the surfaces and the result will be two bodies with a number of invalid faces between them (depending on the splitting options).
In general, overlapping surfaces are to be avoided and if multiple, overlapping surfaces are present, the underlying data should be closely reviewed for such multi-body cases and separated using other methods.

Option: All, Selected, Preview, Clear & Apply

Removal of duplicate data can be done on a selected-bodies basis or for all loaded data. Using the Preview option allows data to be copied before making the changes permanent. As both the Preview and the Apply process generates the same data (and is stored in memory for previews), use of this option is generally recommended. Clearing the preview data simply restores the display information to the currently loaded data.