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Merge VerticesVertex Merging

Time to read: ~1 min

The Vertex-Merge option is useful in cases where there is a small error in the location data of individual vertices. Though the application attempts to automatically correct some possible problems with the precision of the coordinates, it may be necessary to manually collapse locations that are 'just slightly off'.

Option: Merge Distance

The Merge Distance is the value (in whatever units the application is running in, see the Working Units) by which nearest neighbors are to be considered. If there are existing locations within this distance, then they are merged, otherwise the coordinates are left unchanged.

Option: Only Apply to Open Edges

Using this option filters the 'snap' locations and only considers vertices that are located on a surface boundary as both the source and target of an update. This is helpful if the application is experiencing issues with recognizing a solid body with internal slivers preventing correct edge to edge alignment.

Option: All, Selected, Preview, Clear & Apply

By using the Preview button it is possible to see the change (either for selected bodies only or for all) before making the change permanent. The Apply button simply makes the Preview data permanent or first generates it if not already in memory.